So many people blame certain foods or macronutrients (i.e protein, carbs and fats) for their weight gain

Ever heard anyone say “when I cut out the bread, I instantly lose weight?”

Now, it’s not the bread that is helping you lose the weight! It’s the fact that you have reduced your calories by cutting out the bread from your diet!

People ask me everyday “esta comida engorda?” “Elka lo bananas engordan verda?” “Elka este protein bar engorda?” or rather will this food make me fat or will that food make me fat?

You need to realise that no food is making you fat! Bread doesn’t make you fat, chocolate doesn’t make you fat, sugar doesn’t make you fat….BUT! THE OVERCONSUMPTION OF THESE FOODS WHICH THEN RESULT IN AN INCREASE IN CALORIES MAKES YOU FAT!

Another example, if you drop carbs, you are more than likely to lose body weight temporarily due to a loss in water as for every gram of carbs you consume, your body will store around 3 grams of water with it! This is why many women find that when they go low carbs, they instantly lose weight! BUT in the beginning, it’s mostly water I’m afraid….

Without a calorie deficit we CANNOT lose weight, no matter what foods you eat!

You can eat all the healthy food in the world! But if you eat too much of anything, you will not lose weight!

So many dietary methods call for the EXCLUSION of foods, for instance by eliminating entire food groups or specific foods i.e juice diets (basically eliminating one full meal), paleo diets (eliminating all grains), Atkins diet (eliminating all carbs), you get the drift….

Basically once people go on these diets, and see that they lose weight, they then blame that specific food as being the main culprit for their previous weight gain..BUT this is not true! These dietary methods work simply because there has been a reduction in your daily calories!

If you ban refined sugar from a diet it will always result in a drop in calories! So all of a sudden something that you were eating every single day –you have now omitted! Which means you are already eating less! And that is why you are losing weight

We also see these things happen with things like dairy, wheat, chocolate, gluten – basically things that are usually over consumed! Once you get rid of it….you will lose weight! Why? Because there is an instant reduction in calories from your daily diet!

Any dietary system with a rule that bans grains, bans sugars and fat and dairy will create a very obvious calorie reduction – that’s why you will lose weight.

Think about it? You sprinkle cheese on every meal? If people remove this – and lose weight – it’s not the cheese that was making you fat, cheese is not the culprit – it’s the reduction in calories!

People remove foods from their diets but they don’t usually replace these foods with something else which means there is already a calorie deficit and this is why weight loss happens.

So again I repeat….the message of this post….


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If i had a penny for the amount of times i’ve heard some women say “yo no me pongo a dieta, yo paso de come comida conejo todo lo dias…porque a mi me gusta comer!” – whilst tapping their bellies like a man….errrr….so how many of you believe that in order to be able to lose weight, you need to be miserable and eat tasteless bland food?


“Ohhh I start my diet tomorrow, nothing but chicken salad for me everyday now….”

Because you know, if you enjoy your food there is simply no way that results can be achieved! Im being sarcastic here btw….

Come on, how many times have you “broken your diet?” because seriously how much chicken and broccoli can you actually eat before your insides literally sticks its middle finger right up at you and says….fok…..you….


So what can you do?

You need to ENSURE that you ENJOY every meal and that it satisfies you! This is the only way you will be able to make it sustainable. SATISFACTION is key! But you need to ensure that these foods make you feel good too!

Has the following scenario ever happened to you?

There you are about to munch on your plate of chicken loaded with vegetables to fill you up…it’s just another day in the life of you, eating the same bland thing…

then 10 minutes after you have finished your meal, your still not satisfied. Why? Because  you didn’t enjoy your meal one little bit!….So what happens?


you go raiding your fridge and pantry for something to eat! And the next thing you know…you have inhaled your husband’s packet of crisps and your child’s breakfast cookies!

Would it have not been better if you had made a slightly more calorie dense meal but one that you enjoy? It would have likely avoided the scenario after! Maybe adding some nice tomato sauce to the chicken? Or even adding a little bit of cheese to your salad to spice it up a little! Why not google some nice healthy recipes? You might be surprised at what you can make with clean foods and how good it all tastes!

Get it into your heads!….eating the same bland foods over and over again is a recipe for disaster!

Now I’m not saying that losing fat is easy! At all! You do need to put in the work! But one thing that fat loss isn’t and should never ever be,,is miserable….


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ARE YOU BEING REAL? Most women are not!



How many times have you told yourself something along the lines of “I will be a size 8 by summer!” when you are currently a size 14 and summer is literally only 3 months away!

What’s wrong with that I hear you say!

I’m all for setting goals! But the big issue here is when we set ourselves UNREALISTIC goals.

People try too hard and go from 0 to 100 in a whoosh and end up making behaviour changes that are wayyyy to drastic too soon!

Why do we do this? ….Because when we are motivated….we feel invincible!


I understand this! It is natural to feel this way! Usually at the beginning of a diet journey we are feeling so motivated that it is hard for us to fathom that there will come a time, be it a few days or a few weeks where we won’t feel as motivated anymore! And we are unable to understand how we will be feeling in the future.

It happens….and unfortunately we are all susceptible to this mindset fallacy.

When you set yourself a goal, it is imperative that you make them REALISTIC! Realistic in terms of where you are starting off! I mean losing 20 kilos in 3 months? Fuf….not really….but losing 10? Hmmm sounds a bit more like it

AND realistic in terms of what we are willing to do and sacrifice to get there….

Are you willing to sacrifice your social life? No? exactly, take a little step back then….


Now, bare in mind that your progress will always be unpredictable. Your progress is not just limited to what you eat and how much you exercise, it also depends a lot on your hormones, sleep quality and even the amount of stress in your life!

Diet and exercise on point but stress levels through the roof? Fat will linger on your body!

Sometimes our fat may be on a roll! And week after week, boom a kilo down, boom yet another one..and the one week…..STOPPPPP…..fat decides to be a an arse and live in your body a while longer because its feels like it.

“but im doing everything right” …yes but it happens!

Be prepared for your progress to come to a standstill! It is perfectly normal! EXPECT it so that you don’t feel bad when it does happen! Your progress will ebb and flow throughout your journey!

The most important thing you can do? Remain consistent, always! That is the secret.


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One mistake a lot of women make in their quest for fat loss! (Are you one of them?)

So you want to make a lifestyle change and decide that once and for all you are going to lose those extra kilos of fat hanging around your body! (ehem ehem…ok maybe this was the 100th time….)

And you know exactly what you have to do!

No bread?

No pasta?

No carbs?


Yes to chicken….

Yes to vegetables….

Yes to increased water intake….

And so on….

If you are like most women, the day after you decide you want to make a change, you will make a major life overhaul in order to reach those goals faster!

And our logic? If small changes are good, clearly big changes will get me there faster right?

But seriously, how many times have you tried this life overhaul over and over again to no avail! It simply does not work! Why? Because your body is simply not used to such a drastic change!

And don’t get me wrong, I know you are coming from a good place. Sometimes it’s the ALL or NOTHING approach to life..yes i used to be like that too…because seriously who can just eat ONE biscuit??


But it hasn’t worked for you…like EVER..so why would it work now?

There are better and easier ways of making a lifestyle change which doesn’t require your WHOLE life..(and your husbands and kids too because you know if you go on a diet so does everyone else in the house) to change in one day! There are ways that will eventually get you faster results and will be sustainable in the long term too!

As I mentioned in my last post on habits. Changing one habit at a time is key! You will be far more successful in your fat loss efforts than changing so many habits in a very short space of time.

Ok so I’m guessing like 90% of women who follow this page has a goal of losing a few kilos of fat.

Now, what can you do to lose this fat without having to do a complete lifestyle change in one day..which…will eventually lead nowhere, lead to a binge and take you right back to where you started….

You need to think of something that you KNOW is going to get you closer to your goal. And something that you KNOW you will be able to do day in and day out CONSISTENTLY!

Ok so for instance, let’s say you don’t eat a lot of protein (which might I add is very important for muscle repair and recovery, keep your hunger levels at bay AND did I mention that it actually burns calories when digested too?)


So, you set yourself a short term goal of ensuring that you start eating more protein at LEAST for breakfast to start (so things like yoghurts, eggs, etc). You don’t have to change anything else! Just this. You are going to try it for the first week or 2.

Then, after that week, you are going to check in with yourself. Have you been eating protein for breakfast everyday? Yes? GREAT! Now you can include another short term goal of making sure you eat a protein source for lunch and dinner too!

Two weeks later, you check in with yourself again…..and…..oops you haven’t been able to stick to eating protein for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Well what do we do now? In a situation like this, we then cut back and try including protein in only two meals!

See how it works? You need to continue to practice your short term goal CONSISTENTLY! Until it becomes easy for you! Only then should you change other things!


One step at a time ladies! Small goals first and before you know it success will hit you right in the face and you would have accomplished your bigger goal!




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How many times have you been in a position where you simply have no control over what you drink or eat?

Come 5pm, you finish work, go home….open the fridge and proceed to have that can of Coke before proceeding to sit on the couch.


You are not even thirsty really, BUT its your routine, you always have a can of Coke at this time so you mindlessly have it. You didn’t even fancy it! But your body clock asked you for it because it knows it has it everyday.

Ring a bell?

Let me introduce you to….HABITS….

Habits have super powers….


Habits will either help you or aggravate you…

So how can you make a good healthy habit stick?

Let me help you….

Let’s say you would like to create a habit of having a green smoothie everyday and with it, you would like to REPLACE the bad habit of drinking a can of Coke everyday when you get home from work.

The first thing you should be aware of is the TRIGGER. What is triggering you to reach for that can of Coke at that time? Is It boredom?

Really ask yourself what you think it is that is triggering you.

Once you drink up that can of Coke, what REWARD are you getting from it? Maybe the reward is a nice break from your hard day at work and doing this will provide you with a pleasurable relief?

Again ask yourself what reward are you gaining from it?

So what do we do to change that habit?

You simply need to find a healthy SUBSTITUTION!


OK….So you would like to start that habit of drinking a green smoothie everyday…you know, because its healthy and shit

Your plan of action then would involve:

  1. Firstly finding a smoothie recipe you really love (go on and experiment!)
  2. Then, make sure you always have the ingredients available at home.
  3. Be aware of the trigger! That one that tells you “hmmm I’m bored lets go eat something”
  4. When you notice your trigger or cue go make your healthy smoothie!

The smoothie will satisfy your craving for something sweet, and to top if off you will be consuming an array of vitamins and minerals!

This will take some effort on your part, at least for the first few days and you will have to plan it and make yourself aware of what it is you are doing…but…..before you know it, magic strikes! And from then on, everytime you notice the cue that you are bored you will now opt for the healthy smoothie that will relieve you from your boredom!

Hope this helps you!

Go on and replace one of your bad habits for a healthier one!

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The MOST important thing you can do at the gym to reach your goal!

The MOST important thing you can do at the gym to help yourself reach your goals?



The Road Goes On Forever, And The Party Never Ends


Yup this is ultimately THE most important thing you can possibly do!

I know, I know…sometimes you just really cannot be bothered! And the thought of going through an hour long workout after a long day at work downright depresses you..


What you need to do is start SMALL….


Instead of setting yourself unrealistic goals to accomplish like “I am going to lose 10 kg by summer” or “I am going to get a six pack tomorrow”….How about you set yourself a goal of just simply….showing up!!


Because we all know how it goes…first week motivation mode: FULL ON….second week approaches…motivation mode: kinda on….third week approaches….motivation mode: F**K IT


Think about it….even if you literally half ass the workout you are still going to get better results than if you stayed at home doing f**k all!


You need to get out of the all or nothing approach because the little things really DO add up! Just like you are wondering…”how on earth did I end up gaining 5 kilos??” “how did this happen?”….well it works the same the other way around!


Start with something simple, you don’t have to go and do an hour of a full blown cardio session..honestly, try 10 minutes and that’s it! Once you can commit yourself to completing small tasks, slowly but surely you won’t mind doing an extra minute or two and before you know it BAMMMM you are actually working out! *round of applause*



Think about it…do nothing all week? Or do 15 minutes, seven times a week which would add up to 1 hour 45 minutes! I promise you things will start to snowball from there….



You need to stop obsessing over the body you want and start obsessing over CONSISTENCY!


Consistency is everything!! People give up too soon!


It really is the single most important aspect of your fitness. It is what will get you results!


One step at a time will ultimately lead you to exactly where you want to be….



Here’s to consistency!



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The *SECRET* to making diets work!!

Picture yourself on a rainy winter Sunday morning….

You have been dieting for almost a week! “Yey me!”

You start sipping on your coffee whilst having a think about what to cook for lunch…


“hmmm chicken and broccoli”…so as you make your way to the kitchen and start to prepare your tasty healthy lunch….did I say tasty? You start preparing your plain, bland, boring lunch….

“arghhhh when will I be able to enjoy foods again!”

Dirty dirty thoughts start popping into your head….*smothering yourself in all the chocolates*…..*doing nasty things to cake*…..you start salivating….


“im just going to have one biscuit…just you know to satisfy my craving”

10 minutes later………

Biscuits? WHOLE PACK GONE! CELEBRATIONS? 15 wrappers staring back at ya! Salty crisps? Two packets inhaled!



The binge is over……..

And there you are…staring at the biscuit crumbs, the wrappers, the crisp packets…

You feel sick…and you feel like a failure because yet again you broke your diet….

This is a NORMAL reaction….

Don’t blame yourself for not having any willpower. Your body and your mind will eventually react badly to “perfect” dieting!

Yes, we do need to eat mostly “clean” foods that are nutrient dense. Your body needs proper nutrition in order to function optimally.

And of course junk foods which are devoid of nutrients are not conducive to your health and fat loss efforts.

****The problem IS!!….****

When people go on a diet, they ONLY focus on eating ALL the nutrient dense foods, what we call the “CLEAN” foods! “because if you eat clean, the weight will come off naturally”…*sigh*

Now although this is the best thing to do in terms of feeding your body good nutrition…it’s not going to help you in the long term.


When people eat bland foods like say plain chicken and broccoli, the pleasurable aspect of eating is removed. I mean don’t get me wrong, there are people who enjoy eating this! But im sure they come from a different planet!

So where is the enjoyment? Where is the pleasure? Without pleasure the diet will NEVER be sustainable! Come on, you know this is true! How many times have you tried and failed?

What happens is that those who remove the pleasurable aspect of food for too long will miss that pleasure and their desire to eat pleasurable foods will just get stronger and stronger and stronger! This is the reason why people binge! They completely remove the pleasure of food! So they end up wanting more and more of the pleasurable foods they cannot have! Forbidding anything makes you want it more!

So what’s your point Elka?

My point is….that In order to succeed with any diet, there must ALWAYS be a pleasurable element.

The food must be appealing to you and it must be tasty! Otherwise if you remove these elements, well you will end up craving them and eventually a binge will arise.

So…..we are looking for a combination of food that has nutrient value BUT also has a pleasurable aspect for you!

So maybe you have a very plain plate of food, but you throw in some ketchup and it becomes a tasty plate of food! If its tasty it will allow you to comply and make your diet sustainable!!

“But ketchup is unhealthy it has a lot of sugar!” well….would you rather have upto 50 calories from ketchup to enjoy your food? Or 3000 calories at the end of the week when you simply can’t “diet” any longer?

Would you rather sacrifice a bit of time and try out a few different healthy recipes you might end up loving? Which will in effect make “healthy” eating easier and more enjoyable for you?

Or would you rather make yourself quick chicken on the grill with roasted broccoli, have that extra time to watch an extra hour of TV and end up giving in to pleasure by way of junk food later in the week?

I know what I would do!

The moral of the story here is that you need to keep the pleasurable element to eating…yes we need nutrition but we also need pleasure in our lives!

Try out a few new recipes this week and look forward to your food! Enjoy it! Taste it! Feel that pleasure! And watch your life change for the better….

Woman seasoning food






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3 Tips You Must Follow (#2 is something I always do) If You Want To Lose Fat!!


There you are, staring at your reflection in the mirror again….”I’m so fat”….”I’m so ugly” …the negativity keeps flooding your brain…”that’s it!!” “One last binge and my diet starts on Monday!”

How many times have you told yourself that?

Once? (not likely), twice? 100 times?! (likely!!)

Ok so come Monday, (because new week new you…) you make your way to the supermarket…. you steer clear from the junk isle – (because….if you can’t have any junk in the house NO ONE ELSE can have any junk either, not your husband and not your kids!!), ….walk to the veg section, broccoli? Check! Spinach? Check! Because ehem ehem….Greens!

You then make your way to the meat section….chicken? check! More chicken? Check! Extra chicken? Check! Check!

Gym membership? Check!

Come Tuesday morning as you are getting ready for work, you look at yourself in the mirror again..”uuuu my stomach looks flatter! This is great!”…an abundance of positivity waves through your veins…

Come Tuesday afternoon, your work colleague decides to bring in cakes for everyone (cos you know we all have that one friend who can’t seem to diet so she tries make herself feel less guilty by feeding everyone else too! Might this be you? hmmmm)….anyway, so the cakes are staring at you, that lovely smell of freshly baked cakes from Amar….you begin to salivate (like a conditioned dog)….

You avoid looking at them….1 hour goes by…2 hours….2 hours 5 minutes….2 hours 6 minutes! “damn! I cant stop thinking about them, I need a bite!”

The little voice inside your head returns…..”im fat, im ugly, I just don’t have the willpower!”

“mehhh fuck the gym, I already ate 2 cakes!”


Why can’t we seem to just commit once and for all to a decision we have made? Why do we always fall off the wagon, again, and again and again?! Knowing full well it’s not making us happy!

Jumping in head first to an extreme may motivate you…for a couple of days anyway….but for it to work and last, it requires a lifestyle change…because it’s the only way you can make it sustainable!

If you are beginning this journey for the 100th time, keep the following tips in mind when you take that step into the world of fitness, health and of course happiness….

1. Don’t go so extreme! It never works! Just try and change ONE thing a week! Do you always have a pack of biscuits with your tea? Well just focus on stopping this behaviour for a week! Were you successful? Yes? Ok time to change ONE other thing! Were you not successful? No? Ok keep trying this ONE thing until you succeed!

2. Do your exercise first thing in the morning! You will be less likely to skip your workout!
Yes you might need a really strong cup of coffee to get you going, but later on in the day when you are faced with the many obstacles that life seems to continually throw at us like your child falling ill or your friends arranging to meet up for tea (because FOMO), you won’t feel bad that you missed another day at the gym!

There’s more to health than chicken and broccoli! If you don’t enjoy what you eat, well….you are very likely to fail! If you find healthy foods you love you are more likely to keep going! Try a new vegetable! Try a new fruit! Try a new recipe! I bet you it will make it all more exciting for you!

And that is it! With those 3 tips alone I promise you the weight will start falling off and your whole outlook on diets will change! Focus on changing your lifestyle, one step at a time!

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time….


Put the above tips into action and let me know how it works for you!

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When to fit in Carbs



If you are trying to lose weight and love them carbs..make sure to eat them around your workout only! Better still , only AFTER your workout in order to help your body repair itself and refuel!

This is one of the biggest contributors to staying lean!

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