3 Tips You Must Follow (#2 is something I always do) If You Want To Lose Fat!!


There you are, staring at your reflection in the mirror again….”I’m so fat”….”I’m so ugly” …the negativity keeps flooding your brain…”that’s it!!” “One last binge and my diet starts on Monday!”

How many times have you told yourself that?

Once? (not likely), twice? 100 times?! (likely!!)

Ok so come Monday, (because new week new you…) you make your way to the supermarket…. you steer clear from the junk isle – (because….if you can’t have any junk in the house NO ONE ELSE can have any junk either, not your husband and not your kids!!), ….walk to the veg section, broccoli? Check! Spinach? Check! Because ehem ehem….Greens!

You then make your way to the meat section….chicken? check! More chicken? Check! Extra chicken? Check! Check!

Gym membership? Check!

Come Tuesday morning as you are getting ready for work, you look at yourself in the mirror again..”uuuu my stomach looks flatter! This is great!”…an abundance of positivity waves through your veins…

Come Tuesday afternoon, your work colleague decides to bring in cakes for everyone (cos you know we all have that one friend who can’t seem to diet so she tries make herself feel less guilty by feeding everyone else too! Might this be you? hmmmm)….anyway, so the cakes are staring at you, that lovely smell of freshly baked cakes from Amar….you begin to salivate (like a conditioned dog)….

You avoid looking at them….1 hour goes by…2 hours….2 hours 5 minutes….2 hours 6 minutes! “damn! I cant stop thinking about them, I need a bite!”

The little voice inside your head returns…..”im fat, im ugly, I just don’t have the willpower!”

“mehhh fuck the gym, I already ate 2 cakes!”


Why can’t we seem to just commit once and for all to a decision we have made? Why do we always fall off the wagon, again, and again and again?! Knowing full well it’s not making us happy!

Jumping in head first to an extreme may motivate you…for a couple of days anyway….but for it to work and last, it requires a lifestyle change…because it’s the only way you can make it sustainable!

If you are beginning this journey for the 100th time, keep the following tips in mind when you take that step into the world of fitness, health and of course happiness….

1. Don’t go so extreme! It never works! Just try and change ONE thing a week! Do you always have a pack of biscuits with your tea? Well just focus on stopping this behaviour for a week! Were you successful? Yes? Ok time to change ONE other thing! Were you not successful? No? Ok keep trying this ONE thing until you succeed!

2. Do your exercise first thing in the morning! You will be less likely to skip your workout!
Yes you might need a really strong cup of coffee to get you going, but later on in the day when you are faced with the many obstacles that life seems to continually throw at us like your child falling ill or your friends arranging to meet up for tea (because FOMO), you won’t feel bad that you missed another day at the gym!

There’s more to health than chicken and broccoli! If you don’t enjoy what you eat, well….you are very likely to fail! If you find healthy foods you love you are more likely to keep going! Try a new vegetable! Try a new fruit! Try a new recipe! I bet you it will make it all more exciting for you!

And that is it! With those 3 tips alone I promise you the weight will start falling off and your whole outlook on diets will change! Focus on changing your lifestyle, one step at a time!

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time….


Put the above tips into action and let me know how it works for you!

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