The *SECRET* to making diets work!!

Picture yourself on a rainy winter Sunday morning….

You have been dieting for almost a week! “Yey me!”

You start sipping on your coffee whilst having a think about what to cook for lunch…


“hmmm chicken and broccoli”…so as you make your way to the kitchen and start to prepare your tasty healthy lunch….did I say tasty? You start preparing your plain, bland, boring lunch….

“arghhhh when will I be able to enjoy foods again!”

Dirty dirty thoughts start popping into your head….*smothering yourself in all the chocolates*…..*doing nasty things to cake*… start salivating….


“im just going to have one biscuit…just you know to satisfy my craving”

10 minutes later………

Biscuits? WHOLE PACK GONE! CELEBRATIONS? 15 wrappers staring back at ya! Salty crisps? Two packets inhaled!



The binge is over……..

And there you are…staring at the biscuit crumbs, the wrappers, the crisp packets…

You feel sick…and you feel like a failure because yet again you broke your diet….

This is a NORMAL reaction….

Don’t blame yourself for not having any willpower. Your body and your mind will eventually react badly to “perfect” dieting!

Yes, we do need to eat mostly “clean” foods that are nutrient dense. Your body needs proper nutrition in order to function optimally.

And of course junk foods which are devoid of nutrients are not conducive to your health and fat loss efforts.

****The problem IS!!….****

When people go on a diet, they ONLY focus on eating ALL the nutrient dense foods, what we call the “CLEAN” foods! “because if you eat clean, the weight will come off naturally”…*sigh*

Now although this is the best thing to do in terms of feeding your body good nutrition…it’s not going to help you in the long term.


When people eat bland foods like say plain chicken and broccoli, the pleasurable aspect of eating is removed. I mean don’t get me wrong, there are people who enjoy eating this! But im sure they come from a different planet!

So where is the enjoyment? Where is the pleasure? Without pleasure the diet will NEVER be sustainable! Come on, you know this is true! How many times have you tried and failed?

What happens is that those who remove the pleasurable aspect of food for too long will miss that pleasure and their desire to eat pleasurable foods will just get stronger and stronger and stronger! This is the reason why people binge! They completely remove the pleasure of food! So they end up wanting more and more of the pleasurable foods they cannot have! Forbidding anything makes you want it more!

So what’s your point Elka?

My point is….that In order to succeed with any diet, there must ALWAYS be a pleasurable element.

The food must be appealing to you and it must be tasty! Otherwise if you remove these elements, well you will end up craving them and eventually a binge will arise.

So…..we are looking for a combination of food that has nutrient value BUT also has a pleasurable aspect for you!

So maybe you have a very plain plate of food, but you throw in some ketchup and it becomes a tasty plate of food! If its tasty it will allow you to comply and make your diet sustainable!!

“But ketchup is unhealthy it has a lot of sugar!” well….would you rather have upto 50 calories from ketchup to enjoy your food? Or 3000 calories at the end of the week when you simply can’t “diet” any longer?

Would you rather sacrifice a bit of time and try out a few different healthy recipes you might end up loving? Which will in effect make “healthy” eating easier and more enjoyable for you?

Or would you rather make yourself quick chicken on the grill with roasted broccoli, have that extra time to watch an extra hour of TV and end up giving in to pleasure by way of junk food later in the week?

I know what I would do!

The moral of the story here is that you need to keep the pleasurable element to eating…yes we need nutrition but we also need pleasure in our lives!

Try out a few new recipes this week and look forward to your food! Enjoy it! Taste it! Feel that pleasure! And watch your life change for the better….

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