How many times have you been in a position where you simply have no control over what you drink or eat?

Come 5pm, you finish work, go home….open the fridge and proceed to have that can of Coke before proceeding to sit on the couch.


You are not even thirsty really, BUT its your routine, you always have a can of Coke at this time so you mindlessly have it. You didn’t even fancy it! But your body clock asked you for it because it knows it has it everyday.

Ring a bell?

Let me introduce you to….HABITS….

Habits have super powers….


Habits will either help you or aggravate you…

So how can you make a good healthy habit stick?

Let me help you….

Let’s say you would like to create a habit of having a green smoothie everyday and with it, you would like to REPLACE the bad habit of drinking a can of Coke everyday when you get home from work.

The first thing you should be aware of is the TRIGGER. What is triggering you to reach for that can of Coke at that time? Is It boredom?

Really ask yourself what you think it is that is triggering you.

Once you drink up that can of Coke, what REWARD are you getting from it? Maybe the reward is a nice break from your hard day at work and doing this will provide you with a pleasurable relief?

Again ask yourself what reward are you gaining from it?

So what do we do to change that habit?

You simply need to find a healthy SUBSTITUTION!


OK….So you would like to start that habit of drinking a green smoothie everyday…you know, because its healthy and shit

Your plan of action then would involve:

  1. Firstly finding a smoothie recipe you really love (go on and experiment!)
  2. Then, make sure you always have the ingredients available at home.
  3. Be aware of the trigger! That one that tells you “hmmm I’m bored lets go eat something”
  4. When you notice your trigger or cue go make your healthy smoothie!

The smoothie will satisfy your craving for something sweet, and to top if off you will be consuming an array of vitamins and minerals!

This will take some effort on your part, at least for the first few days and you will have to plan it and make yourself aware of what it is you are doing…but…..before you know it, magic strikes! And from then on, everytime you notice the cue that you are bored you will now opt for the healthy smoothie that will relieve you from your boredom!

Hope this helps you!

Go on and replace one of your bad habits for a healthier one!

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