One mistake a lot of women make in their quest for fat loss! (Are you one of them?)

So you want to make a lifestyle change and decide that once and for all you are going to lose those extra kilos of fat hanging around your body! (ehem ehem…ok maybe this was the 100th time….)

And you know exactly what you have to do!

No bread?

No pasta?

No carbs?


Yes to chicken….

Yes to vegetables….

Yes to increased water intake….

And so on….

If you are like most women, the day after you decide you want to make a change, you will make a major life overhaul in order to reach those goals faster!

And our logic? If small changes are good, clearly big changes will get me there faster right?

But seriously, how many times have you tried this life overhaul over and over again to no avail! It simply does not work! Why? Because your body is simply not used to such a drastic change!

And don’t get me wrong, I know you are coming from a good place. Sometimes it’s the ALL or NOTHING approach to life..yes i used to be like that too…because seriously who can just eat ONE biscuit??


But it hasn’t worked for you…like why would it work now?

There are better and easier ways of making a lifestyle change which doesn’t require your WHOLE life..(and your husbands and kids too because you know if you go on a diet so does everyone else in the house) to change in one day! There are ways that will eventually get you faster results and will be sustainable in the long term too!

As I mentioned in my last post on habits. Changing one habit at a time is key! You will be far more successful in your fat loss efforts than changing so many habits in a very short space of time.

Ok so I’m guessing like 90% of women who follow this page has a goal of losing a few kilos of fat.

Now, what can you do to lose this fat without having to do a complete lifestyle change in one day..which…will eventually lead nowhere, lead to a binge and take you right back to where you started….

You need to think of something that you KNOW is going to get you closer to your goal. And something that you KNOW you will be able to do day in and day out CONSISTENTLY!

Ok so for instance, let’s say you don’t eat a lot of protein (which might I add is very important for muscle repair and recovery, keep your hunger levels at bay AND did I mention that it actually burns calories when digested too?)


So, you set yourself a short term goal of ensuring that you start eating more protein at LEAST for breakfast to start (so things like yoghurts, eggs, etc). You don’t have to change anything else! Just this. You are going to try it for the first week or 2.

Then, after that week, you are going to check in with yourself. Have you been eating protein for breakfast everyday? Yes? GREAT! Now you can include another short term goal of making sure you eat a protein source for lunch and dinner too!

Two weeks later, you check in with yourself again…..and…..oops you haven’t been able to stick to eating protein for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Well what do we do now? In a situation like this, we then cut back and try including protein in only two meals!

See how it works? You need to continue to practice your short term goal CONSISTENTLY! Until it becomes easy for you! Only then should you change other things!


One step at a time ladies! Small goals first and before you know it success will hit you right in the face and you would have accomplished your bigger goal!




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