ARE YOU BEING REAL? Most women are not!



How many times have you told yourself something along the lines of “I will be a size 8 by summer!” when you are currently a size 14 and summer is literally only 3 months away!

What’s wrong with that I hear you say!

I’m all for setting goals! But the big issue here is when we set ourselves UNREALISTIC goals.

People try too hard and go from 0 to 100 in a whoosh and end up making behaviour changes that are wayyyy to drastic too soon!

Why do we do this? ….Because when we are motivated….we feel invincible!


I understand this! It is natural to feel this way! Usually at the beginning of a diet journey we are feeling so motivated that it is hard for us to fathom that there will come a time, be it a few days or a few weeks where we won’t feel as motivated anymore! And we are unable to understand how we will be feeling in the future.

It happens….and unfortunately we are all susceptible to this mindset fallacy.

When you set yourself a goal, it is imperative that you make them REALISTIC! Realistic in terms of where you are starting off! I mean losing 20 kilos in 3 months? Fuf….not really….but losing 10? Hmmm sounds a bit more like it

AND realistic in terms of what we are willing to do and sacrifice to get there….

Are you willing to sacrifice your social life? No? exactly, take a little step back then….


Now, bare in mind that your progress will always be unpredictable. Your progress is not just limited to what you eat and how much you exercise, it also depends a lot on your hormones, sleep quality and even the amount of stress in your life!

Diet and exercise on point but stress levels through the roof? Fat will linger on your body!

Sometimes our fat may be on a roll! And week after week, boom a kilo down, boom yet another one..and the one week…..STOPPPPP…..fat decides to be a an arse and live in your body a while longer because its feels like it.

“but im doing everything right” …yes but it happens!

Be prepared for your progress to come to a standstill! It is perfectly normal! EXPECT it so that you don’t feel bad when it does happen! Your progress will ebb and flow throughout your journey!

The most important thing you can do? Remain consistent, always! That is the secret.


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