If i had a penny for the amount of times i’ve heard some women say “yo no me pongo a dieta, yo paso de come comida conejo todo lo dias…porque a mi me gusta comer!” – whilst tapping their bellies like a man….errrr….so how many of you believe that in order to be able to lose weight, you need to be miserable and eat tasteless bland food?


“Ohhh I start my diet tomorrow, nothing but chicken salad for me everyday now….”

Because you know, if you enjoy your food there is simply no way that results can be achieved! Im being sarcastic here btw….

Come on, how many times have you “broken your diet?” because seriously how much chicken and broccoli can you actually eat before your insides literally sticks its middle finger right up at you and says….fok…….


So what can you do?

You need to ENSURE that you ENJOY every meal and that it satisfies you! This is the only way you will be able to make it sustainable. SATISFACTION is key! But you need to ensure that these foods make you feel good too!

Has the following scenario ever happened to you?

There you are about to munch on your plate of chicken loaded with vegetables to fill you up…it’s just another day in the life of you, eating the same bland thing…

then 10 minutes after you have finished your meal, your still not satisfied. Why? Because  you didn’t enjoy your meal one little bit!….So what happens?


you go raiding your fridge and pantry for something to eat! And the next thing you know…you have inhaled your husband’s packet of crisps and your child’s breakfast cookies!

Would it have not been better if you had made a slightly more calorie dense meal but one that you enjoy? It would have likely avoided the scenario after! Maybe adding some nice tomato sauce to the chicken? Or even adding a little bit of cheese to your salad to spice it up a little! Why not google some nice healthy recipes? You might be surprised at what you can make with clean foods and how good it all tastes!

Get it into your heads!….eating the same bland foods over and over again is a recipe for disaster!

Now I’m not saying that losing fat is easy! At all! You do need to put in the work! But one thing that fat loss isn’t and should never ever be,,is miserable….


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