Why I started Bootcamps

I wanted to grow a culture about success & positive habits. I wanted to make fitness became a natural part of everyone’s life. Not only for those that feel compelled to exercise because it is a fad or a trend, but for everyone to be able to experience what it is to be fit and healthy and all the benefits that come with it.

Many have the misconception that my sessions are only for those who are already fit, they think their lack of fitness is going to be an embarrassment to themselves, they think everyone coming to my sessions is already strutting around like fitness gods and goddesses. My intention is to make people feel better about themselves, mentally and physically, and about making it fun for people and helping them realise that they don’t have to run for an hour every day hating it, or join a gym when they hate going to it!

I want to help women realise that they can do things they thought they never could! (which is a freakin awesome feeling!!) I want people to feel a part of something….and best of all share the success together as a group!

What is Bootcamp?

Bootcamp is 50-60 minutes of varied and fun workouts that are designed to help you lose weight, tone muscle and look good. The sessions are usually structured by starting with a warm-up and continuing with varying exercises that will challenge your body for change! As you start to gain fitness, each session will continue to challenge you!

The atmosphere is incredible and relaxed. It is a great way to get fit and make friends at the same time with a camaraderie like no other!

What are the benefits of becoming part of this bootcamp?

  • We train outdoors in the fresh air rather then in a stuffy gym.
  • We train at a high intensity so that you get fitter quicker.
  • Each session is different meaning you will always be challenged and never bored. Fitness should be fun not a chore!
  • Our maximum group size is 10 people so that you get plenty of personal attention.
  • Get fit so you can keep up with your kids.
  • Improve your body composition so that you feel better and have more energy.

But I’m not very fit….

It really doesn’t matter how fit or indeed unfit you are, it’s not a competition about who can do the most, in fact the majority of the workouts are timed intervals and you do as much as you can in that time. It is hoped that as you progress throughout the month you will be able to do more and more repetitions (reps) in the allotted time.

What do I need to bring?

Just your body is a good start! But come along with a mat or towel (optional) and a bottle of water (essential!). Other than that….the motivation to succeed and change is also a must!

Contact me via email at to register your interest and put your name on the list!

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