Started going to her sessions after having a baby best decision ever!! Feeling really good with myself, healthier and energetic. Would recommend anyone to go she’s the best!!

Hannah Bado reviewed I AM Fitness – Elka Hanglin Fitness & Nutrition5 star

Hmmm where do I start? Not only is Elka really skilled in everything that she does, she is truly passionate about her job which really shines through to her clients! She doesn’t just train someone physically, but also mentally. She also gives you the push and motivation you need at all times, even after training hours! I would recommend her to anyone; she is so inspirational and I have learnt so much from her! Happy to now call her my friend

A better trainer does not exist!!!

Best trainer ever! Thank you for the most intense and funniest bootcamp sessions ever! I can’t wait for them to start again! Thank you for keeping me motivated throughout every session and making training fun again!! i will definitely carry on training my hardest and follow all your excellent tips! U da bomb Gurlllll! big kiss xxxx

Best personal trainer!!


Can’t say enough how glad I am to have joined Elka’s group!! Fun but challenging, always ready to cater for your needs, full of tips and advice, not only how to exceed and improve yourself physically, but also mentally!!
You will leave a session feeling accomplished and energised!!……. Your body will feel it the next day too, don’t worry!!! lol!! I honestly can’t wait for September to start again the group sessions. A very friendly and professional person, who I’ve had the pleasure to meet!! xx

Where shall I start… My story is the same as every woman’s (or at least many women I know) after having kids. After my second pregnancy it seemed as if I’d never go back to the size I was pre-pregnancy. Always on a diet and never getting the results I wanted. Always stalling the exercise because ‘I didn’t have time’ then came Elka along… With that tiny body full of energy…. And you’re like ‘is she made of plastic’ (love you Elka ) First words I read on the plan she ga


Best option you could get! Really shows interest for you and is really good all in all!

Elkas super understanding, patient and caring. Dont get me wrong your breaks wont be longer or have less sets cause shes understanding and has a great heart. Actually she understands and will help you overcome and motivate you to reach your goals. she helps you understand training, the proper way and also helps you understand food which is usually a tough one, we will always be learning new things everyday. but she helps you get a clearler picture on understand good nutrition

Elka is amazing, the best trainer you could have!

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